Pokemon Pallet is a Pokemon game that crosses all the Pokemon generations.

Pokemon Pallet

Game Type



Nintend D.S./D.S.I./D.S.I.X.L.


Pokemon Pallet takes has all the basics of Pokemon games. You have to go around, catch a bunch of Pokemon, battle trainers, beat gym leaders, and challenge the Pokemon leauge. But there are some new stuff, and features from other games. They include:

All the reagoins:Edit

In Pokemon Pallet, you can visit all four reigons. You choose your reigon you want to start in, and choose the starter Pokemon for that reigon. Your rivel will choose the Pokemon that beats yours. You'll go through that reigon. Once you go through that reigon and beat the Pokemon leauge, you'll get a ticket to go one of the other three reigons. Then your rivel will choose a differnt reigon. once you go through that reigon, you and your rivel go back to your stater reigon and have a battle. The you go to eachother's reigons. After that, you both go to the reigon none of you have been to. Before you go to a new reigon, you'll leave all your Pokemon behind with the professer and get a new one at that reigon. And after you come back from a reigon, you and your rivel have a battle.

Pokemon UndergrondEdit

A feature introduced in Pokemon Dimond/Pearl. Once you get the explores kit (witch you get after obtaining your third gym badge), you and your friends can go unerground and play.

Have a Pokemon follow youEdit

A feature inroduced in Pokemon Yellow. Choose any Pokemon and have it follow you.

Costumize your CharaterEdit

Instead of ahveing a preset avatar, you can make it yourself.

New Wi-fi StuffEdit

Aside from being able to to connect with friends and trade and battle Pokemon, there are a few new wi-fi stuff.

Wi-Fi TowerEdit

Sort of like the the Wi-fi plaza intrduced in Pokemon Platunim. But there are differnt floors to do differt stuff.

  • Put items/ Pokemon up for bid.
  • Trade items/Pokemon with other people around the world.
  • Battle with people from around the world.
  • Compete in Pokemon contests around the world.
  • Mix Poffens with people from around the world.
  • Learn about the events coming up.

World CompitionsEdit

Ever once in a wile ther wil be a battle compition around the worlds. There willbe a limited number of spots, and a deadline to sign up for them. You will have Pokemon level groups (like under 20, under 50, 70+). Winner will get a trophie.

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