This is a game about the Ice Climbers. I always thought the ice climbers in Smash bros where cool. The game will use the same graphics as that then. They won't talk either. Also, there aren't really any games with too much teamwork. This game will change that.


The to Ice climbers get a magical rope from to old ice climbers. The legend is the only way to separate, is to come together. They don't believe. Then they get in a big fight over the elections. Suddenly the rope gets smaller and is unable to be untied. The old ice climbers tell them the only way to get apart is to climb Mt. Wrackopopolus. As the climb the rope gets longer, but it is too small for them to notice. Along the way they will see the old people waiting for them in certain places. They talk to them and then jump away. They also will confront dark ice climbers with an exact copy of their abilities. Eventually they notice the old people don't have a rope. Then they explained the concept of the gold rope. When to mountain climbers have a certain bond, a gold rope will be present between them. It is invisible except when taut, then it will appear for a few seconds. Then the old pink ice climber slips and the Ice climbers yell. Then the old blue ice climbers just jerks her up and they see a beautiful golden chain. Then it fades away. As they get to the top, the magical rope loosens completely and falls off. Then a giant bird swoop in and hists of the pink ice climber. They yell. Then it goes into slow mo. Then, suddenly, a flash of gold appears. They see a golden rope linking them. They are both like, wow. The bird tries to knock off the blue ice climber. He pulls the other one up and she comes up spinning to hit the bird on the head. They fight with the golden rope instead of the magical one and you defeat it. The end.


Double attack are always much stronger than Singular, but Singular attacks will get a little stronger as the rope gets longer.


Hit-Whack enemy with hammer by swinging the wii remote

Single spin-You spin around by twirling the remote

Ground pound-press down in mid air


smash-One hits left while the other hits right to smashing the hammers together

Spin-Spin at the same time to get more torque

Grab-Grab ice climber

Throw-Throw other person while being hold, they can use singular attack with more power while being thrown

Holding Spin-Spin person around you while holding them

Throwing Spin-Swing person in circles around you

Slam ground pound-hit other player while they do ground pound to send them down

Whack-Whack other player in direction of choice

Jerk-When rope is taut, pull person up Pull-Rap the rope around wrist to pull person up


Hooks-Hook string so you can swing!

Box-Brake for peppers

Pepper-Increases health


Abdominal snow man

Goombas(on bonus levels) :)


Evil Ice Climbers-Have all ice climber abilities but are super smart!

Evil pterodactyl-Final boss

Good pterodactylEdit

On some levels, you have to ride pterodactyl. When you go on, they will fly forward fast and the background will be the scrolling of mountains rapidly. Press B to hold on/call it. While holding it, you can make it go faster or slower, up or down. You can jump of and be carried by your rope. You can also swing while dangling. On one pterodactyl level, you have to verse the evil ice climber who have bad pterodactyl. At the end the pterodactyl will land and you get to the end.

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